Propose a Webinar

The Education Committee works to ensure our members are equipped with the education they need to provide high quality services to the community. Educational events and programs are scheduled from time to time and will be posted on the HMEPA calendar.

Propose a Webinar – Follow these Steps

HMEPA is now working with the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists (CAOT-BC) and the BC Care Providers Association, presenting educational webinars of interest to members of our three organizations.

HMEPA Members, CAOT-BC Members and BC Care Provider Members are invited to submit webinar topics they feel will be of interest. Here is how the process works;

Your submission must include three parts;
1. An introductory paragraph summarizing the presentation. This paragraph will be used to advertise/promote your presentation.
2. A paragraph providing introduction for your speaker. This paragraph will be read by the moderator at the beginning of your presentation.
3. A PowerPoint presentation you propose will be used in delivering your presentation.
4. A note indicating who you feel will be your intended audience.

Your submission will be shared between our HMEPA review team, CAOT-BC and the BC Care Providers Association team. If the review teams agree your submission is likely to be of interest to members, you will be invited to present your webinar. In extending this invitation, you may be asked to edit your presentation using suggestions from the review teams.

Webinars are scheduled to begin at 12:05 pm Pacific Std Time and wrap up at 12:55. We expect presentations to be no longer than 35 minutes plus an allowance of 10 minutes of questions/discussion.

If you are invited to present your webinar, you will be asked to select a date. The presentation date will be at least 30 days in the future since all three organizations need time to promote the webinar among their membership.

Once you choose a date, you will have a short time to revise/update final copies of your summary paragraph, speaker intro and powerpoint presentation.  Updated final documents must be provided to HMEDA within a few days so we can set up the on-line invitation, allow adequate time for promotion of your webinar.

A few weeks before your webinar, your speaker will have a practice session with our webinar manager. This practice session will ensure things go smoothly on the day of the presentation and ensure your speaker knows how to log in and conduct the session.

All webinars will be recorded and then posted to all three organization’s websites, allowing members to view past webinars at any time in the future.

If you have questions, send a note to . We will do our best to help you put together an engaging webinar that will be of interest to all.