How do I Choose a Reliable Equipment Provider?

HMEPA members aim to provide our clients with the most suitable piece of equipment to meet their needs.  To achieve this, the assessment period is a unique service our members offer to our clients.  During this time, equipment may be available to trial so that clients can be assured that they are selecting the correct equipment that meets their needs.   We work closely with other healthcare professionals, specifically occupational therapists, to insure the rehab equipment being recommended meets the client’s long term medical needs.

Recognizing optimal medical equipment can increase a person’s independence, mobility and comfort, our members stress the importance of post-delivery service.  With many clients unable to bring their equipment in for service, HMEPA members have mobile technician departments fully trained in troubleshooting the equipment.

Our members offer a range of products and services, including walkers, rollators, manual wheelchairs, power chairs, scooters, transfer aids, hospital beds, pressure-relief mattresses and bath safety equipment.  When it comes time to purchase a piece of medical equipment, it is important to select a provider that can provide exceptional service during the assessment and after delivery.  The following guideline provides you with questions to ask when deciding where to purchase your equipment.

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Questions to ask when selecting a Home Medical Equipment Provider:
1) How long has your company been in business?
2) How many manufacturers do you carry?
3) What happens if my piece of equipment breaks down?
4) Do you have a mobile service department?
5) Can items be repaired in your store, or do they have to be shipped back to the manufacturer?
6) How many technicians do you have on staff?
7) What level of repair parts do you carry in stock?
8) Does your staff regularly attend training and education sessions?
9) What equipment do you have available for trial?
10) Do you work with my funding source?

Standards of HMEPA Members

As members of the Home Medical Providers Association of BC, we subscribe to and pledge to uphold the spirit and intent of the following code of ethics:

  1. To act at all times with courtesy, honesty and integrity.
  2. To serve all in need of healthcare products professionally and to the best of our ability.
  3. To strive continually to improve healthcare services.
  4. To conduct business honourably without disparaging the products or services of others and without engaging in unfair or deceptive commercial practices.
  5. To instil the spirit and intent of this code of ethics in all persons in our service.

To cooperate with fellow members to uphold this code and the lawful objectives of the association.

HMEPA Bylaws                  HMEPA Code of Ethics